About Me

Hello 🙂 I’m Joy Trevivian. I’m a qualified Counsellor with extensive experience, based in Bristol. I feel that my wide range of life experiences and dealing with adversity in my own life helps me relate well to others in an honest and down-to-earth way.

I am passionate about my work and really enjoy helping people on their path to hope and contentment.

When we go through adversity, we change. Did you know that if you cut a butterfly out of its chrysalis, it would be fully formed with wings, but wouldn’t be able to fly? The process of getting itself out and breaking free is what strengthens the wings enough to be able to fly. And the same goes for us. Going through challenges and the difficult things life throws at us is what can make us stronger. If we can get through it without getting stuck.

And that’s where talking therapy can help. Counselling can give you space to be, where you matter, with someone to walk alongside you and support you. To help you find your way through and out of your chrysalis – whatever that might be.

I’m accredited with the BACP (British Association for Counsellors & Psychotherapists). This means that I’m accountable to work ethically and professionally. As part of this I have supervision to ensure that I’m working effectively and I am committed to regular further training.

I’m a mum to two young boys and when I’m not covered in mud or building Lego, I enjoy running, reading, travelling, yoga, vegan baking and sewing.

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